Mai jos puteti citi Scrisoarea de recomandare primita din partea lui Stephen Jones, Founder si CEO SRL (, alaturi de care am lucrat in perioada aprilie 2011 – aprilie 2012 ca si Copywriter:

25 February 2012

To whom it may concern:

This letter is intended to serve as a reference for Daniela Mititelu relative to her potential selection for a copywriting and/or marketing position.

Daniela worked on several projects with me over the course of one year. During that period, I had the great pleasure of seeing her develop from a junior copywriter, to a key member of the team whom I relied upon for all copywriting for, external communications, creative marketing, and the execution of several special projects.

Early in her time with our company, I identified Daniela as intelligent, engaged and eager to contribute. Every assignment or project Daniela is given is treated with equal amount of care and thought. I can always count on Daniela to think through the issues with a project and rely on her to complete the project with little supervision. These attributes led me to put Daniela in charge of our corporate website, external communications with the press, daily deal copy, and the creative aspects of our consumer marketing for

One of Daniela’s greatest skills is her creativity. She has a real knack for creative marketing, whether it be slogans or campaign concepts. This is further enhanced by her hard work that goes into researching and thinking through the impact of the campaigns. Without asking, she works on several concepts, putting in the time to think through the trade offs with each. More so, she works well with and is well liked by others, making her a great member for team projects as she listens and understands other colleague’s points of view.

While I will be disappointed to lose Daniela, I know that she is ready for her next challenge and will be a great asset to a company that can harness and make full use of her potential.

Best Regards,

Stephen Jones
Founder & CEO SRL


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